A game changing event for Africa's tech ecosystem hosted by Beyond Limits Africa and partners

The DICE is a quarterly gathering that unites key stakeholders in the tech, business, and creative ecosystem – startup founders, investors, corporate leaders, innovators, creatives, and influencers, and government. “The DICE” is a dynamic platform meticulously crafted to cultivate community, ignite collaboration, and catalyze collective action.

Through engaging panel discussions, enlightening keynote addresses, and interactive roundtables, we delve into industry trends and collaborative strategies. Together, we empower the tech community, bridging gaps and co-creating a future that reflects our shared vision.

THEME: Solve for Africa: Co-Creating a Tech-Enabled Future 

In an age where innovation and technology continue to revolutionize our world, Africa stands at the precipice of unprecedented transformation. “Solve for Africa: Co-Creating a Tech-Enabled Future” is an event that embodies the promise of progress through technology on the African continent.

Africa, often referred to as the “cradle of civilization”, has a rich tapestry of history and culture. It also possesses an extraordinary wealth of untapped potential. However, this vast and diverse continent faces unique challenges, from healthcare disparities and education gaps to economic inequality and environmental sustainability. The question arises: How can technology be harnessed as a powerful catalyst for positive change across Africa? What are some of the innovative ways that people in Africa are solving key challenges?

Guest Speakers

Fireside chat with:

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Dr. Juliet Ehimuan

Founder, Beyond Limits Africa and Ex-director Google West Africa

Funke Opeke
Founder, MainStreet Technologies
Kola Aina
General Partner – Ventures Platform Fund & Chairman of the Board at Lagos Angel Network
Amal Hassan Wada
Founder/CEO, Outsource Global
Iyin Aboyeji
CEO & General Partner, Fund For Africa’s Future
Solape Akinpelu
Co-founder and CEO, HerVest
Damilola Olokesusi - CEO, Shuttlers (1)
Damilola Olokesusi
Founder/CEO, Shuttlers
Oyin Solebo
MD, Arm Labs Lagos Techstars Accelerator
Miss Techy - Tech Creator and Blogge
Miss Techy
Tech Creator and Blogger
Broda Shaggi - Creator, Actor, Musicia
Broda Shaggi
Creator, Actor, Musician
Tomike Adeoye - Creator and Influence
Tomike Adeoye
Creator and Influencer
Solafunmi Sosanya
MD/CEO, Circo Africa
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